Write a short article about someone's life after a fatal accident

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Earthquake in Costa Rica

Laura Alvarez, a 16-year-old girl survives the collapse of their university on it.
His story:

I was in class when I noticed that the floor was moving, but the truth is that I did not panic because here in Costa Rica most of the day there are small earthquakes can be up to three degrees righter. But I feel that this brother not stopped and every time he did so with more intensity then if I was scared.

The walls began to crack, but just when I was in front of the door , it fell on me leaving me still.
At first I try to scream and try to steal things off but at the schooll was no one, because when an earthquake is produced the advisable thing is go out.
Finally I got tired of screaming and call for help and I gave up, I fired my family and the people that I loved. Trying to fall asleep to not feel so much pain, but actually I think I pass out.
When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital, at first I trhinked I was dead but when I saw to my family they explained to me that the fireman found me and rescued me after being 16 hours under the rubble.

It is as if it I had returned to be born, and I am the happiest girl of the world.

And I would agree to the fireman to save me !

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Before the oral presentation I was very nervous but I now all that I have to sad , but wen I have done my oral presentation I forget all and I´ve started to read and improvise and I became very nervous , the truth is that I read very much because already I was not remembering.
When I finished my presentation I was thinking taht it was the worst, because
I ´ve readed all the time, but when I see the the others grups also they red,
so we us.
We could have made our presentation better but I believe that we have
approved jousts!
...I have seen videos of other presentations and the judgement that they all have is that they read and it is difficult to understand them very much, though there have been other groups that have done it very well!..=P
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